International Child Care Ministries

Sponsor a child. Change A World.

About The Malachi Network

To envision a world where every child is loved, safe and developing their God-given potential, we have to dream of impacting far more children. ICCM is proud of 52 years of history, grateful that over 100,000 children’s lives have been improved through sponsorship—but it’s not enough! At the moment, more than 2,000 children are enrolled in ICCM and awaiting a sponsor. They’re praying that someone will give $30 a month—a dollar a day—to provide life-changing benefits for them.

Sponsorship provides education and/or school supplies, nutrition, activities for all aspects of their development, and that indispensable reality, hope. For most of the vulnerable, sponsorship provides protection from traffickers. For girls, it often delays their being forced into an early marriage. A dollar a day can change the whole trajectory of a child’s life! Please sponsor a waiting child today.

Wesley’s Aid in 2020


Little Roses School – Wesley fully funds this school program in Kenya. This school provides education, bible instruction and a lunch program to over 200 students.

Dollars Donated in 2020